vdk bank is an independent retail bank with its registered office in Ghent.  The bank, founded in 1926, was until 2003 active only within the Ghent-Eeklo region. Since then, vdk has been pursuing a well thought-out strategy of expansion, as a result of which the bank now has some 90 establishments in Flanders.  With a wide range of banking services, the institution aims mainly to attract private individuals who value customized personal advice on saving & investing, money transfers and credit.  vdk is proud of its explicit corporate social responsibility and seeks consistently to act as an ethical bank. Healthy growth over the long term has priority over the appeal of quick profit. Profit optimization over profit maximization. More than 140,000 customers have put their trust in vdk, including a growing number of companies, organizations and public administrations, which are drawn to the bank’s sustainable business philosophy. You can read more about us on www.vdk.be.